About Smap

SMAP.com.ng is an advertising platform registered under Psalmselah Concept RC, designed to reward social media influencers/users for promoting ideas, images, brands and personality. The concept helps user accumulate points which are converted to cash on demand.
SMAP.com.ng is a home for advertisers where they can bring their products right to the people who use them and at the same time share their testimonies with friends and family who would actually take their words for it. Advertising that is way more effective and far more cheap.
SMAP.com.ng is taking advantage of Social as the most effective way of passing information and cultivating an idea. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp put together gets about 4.3million active users per time, this is just where your adverts should be. So if you are ready, this is where to be and we would deliver beyond your expectations.